Amar Chaudhary

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Open Sound World Software

Amar Chaudhary uses his own software, OpenSoundWorld, for much of the electronics in his music. This software is currently released as an open source project, free for use by other artists and researchers.

Open Sound World, or OSW, is a scalable, extensible programming environment that allows musicians, sound designers and researchers to process sound in response to expressive real-time control. OSW combines a familiar visual patching paradigm with solid programming-language features such as scripting, a strong type system and hierarchical name spaces. In OSW, users combine functional units called transforms into programs called patches, as illustrated in the picture to the right .

OSW currently includes over 200 transforms, from basic arithmetic to filters and delays for DSP to advanced additive synthesis and resonance modelling.

Open Sound World

VST adapter for OSW

The Vst transform allows most VST plug-ins (i.e., effects or instruments) to run inside OSW, complete with automation parameters and the original graphical interfaces. Vst currently only runs on Windows 2000/XP.

Download the Vst transform for OSW


  1. Unpack the archive file (automatic on Windows XP).
  2. Copy the file Vst.osx to the "externals" subdirectory of your OSW installation (by default, this is "C:\Program Files\Open Sound World").
  3. Copy the file Vst.html and the Vst_files folder to the "html" subdirectory of your OSW installation.
  4. That's it. Have fun!
VST adapter for Open Sound World (OSW)

Patches for OSW
SpinOSC demo
An OSW patch that generates sounds in response to OpenSound Control messages from SpinOSC. This patch demonstrates both the ability of OSW to work external control programs, and benefits of using OSW's namespace to build OpenSound Control servers.